Want to see us perform, but can't make it to Crawford or New York?

You're in luck. Now you can download video clips in QuickTime or Windows Media formats.

So download away! Then mix yourself a nice stiff drink, sit back and enjoy the patriotic stylings of your favorite pro-war group, right in the comfort of your own home.


Judy Miller Fanclub    
The Missile Dick Chicks would like to shine the spotlight on an unsung hero of the Iraqi war effort - Judy Miller, who has never been properly acknowledged. In this video, we present her with the American Freedom Fighter award, in honor of her singular coverage of WMD in the run-up to the Iraq War. The file is in QuickTime format (15.7Mb)    
Bechtel Footage    
On March 24th, the MDC presented the first annual Golden Richard award for war profiteering to the good people at Bechtel, Inc. This footage features us performing Shop! in the Name of War and Oil in front of the New York Public Library and the presentation of the award to the employees of Bechtel. The file is in QuickTime format (20.1Mb).
Shop! in the Name of War    
This is live footage from our 21-Missile Dick Salute in Times Square on February 27th, 2003. Files are in QuickTime format (4.8 Megs) or Windows Media (5 Megs).