August 31, 2008
St. Paul, Minnesota

The Missile Dick Chicks will be participating in many festivities for the 2008 Republican National Convention, in St. Paul, Minnesota, where our chosen puppet John McCain will begin the coronation process. The Chicks are a posse of privileged housewives, finance wizards, right wing ideologues, oil barons, media mavens and munitions moguls from Crawford, Texas.

The Chicks will be at the Liberty Parade on Sunday August 31st at 1pm on Nicollet Mall, followed by a concert at 2pm at Loring Park. They will perform their new song "Bomb Iran", written by John McCain, while surfing atop their launch vehicle with a 23-foot shiny silver missile created from a WWII bomber drop tank!

The Chicks will also be the surprise guests Thursday at 11am at the Weisman Museum American Politics SideShow.

In addition to the above gigs, the Missile Dick Chicks will be in and around St. Paul all week doing spontaneous performances for the Republican Delegates. Please contact for more information.

Patriotic Bingo with the Missile Dick Chicks 


When: Wednesday, August 20, 7pm - 10pm
Where: 40C in Manhattan, the address is 40 Ave C between 3rd & 4th Street
What: Fun Raiser for the Missile Dick Chicks World Domination Tour! We will be in Denver for the Democratic National Convention and St. Paul for the Republican National Convention to promote our War Machine! We want to make sure the country understands that we need 8 more years of war, scratch that--Forever War!
How Much: $10 entry gets you a free drink and chance to win prizes! Drink specials from 7pm to 10pm include $5 well drinks and domestic beers, $6 Mojitos, or a special house cocktail for $7. Proceeds help the chicks buy off our politicians, so you don't have to!



7 May 2008

The Missile Dick Chicks will grace Houston with their presence during a 3-day visit staring today at Halliburton headquarters and culminating in the Orange Show Art Car Parade on Saturday. The Chicks are a posse of privileged housewives, finance wizards, right wing ideologues, oil barons, media mavens and munitions moguls from Crawford, Texas.

The Chicks will present the prestigious Golden Richard Award to two of Houston’s most prolific corporations, Halliburton and Kellogg Brown and Root at Halliburton headquarters locations, today at 3pm at 10200 Bel Aire Blvd., and 5pm at 1401 McKinney Street.

This award celebrates the soaring profits of the “reconstruction” industry. KBR profits have skyrocketed in the last quarter by tripling what they made in the previous quarter, from 28 million last year to $98 million this year.

The Golden Richard has been awarded to many dignitaries including Judith Miller of the NY Times, the mayor of Gretna, La., and one of our favorite profiteers, the Bechtel Corporation.

The Chicks will be debuting their new hit single “Forever War” while surfing atop their brand spankin’ new art car, a launch vehicle with a 23-foot shiny silver missile created from a WWII bomber drop tank! Yeehaw!!!!

Join us as we celebrate!!

Contact: Bubbles Bomlovah 917 209 5049

“Some of the best theater in NY!!!!” -- ABC’s Nightline 4/15/2008

Chicks to Appear at Another Hippie Rally 


Yes, that's right, the Missile Dick Chicks will once again taunt the peace loving, tax paying population of this country. We heard the dreadlock set will be gathering in NYC on Saturday October 27, 2007-- so we suppose you can find us in midtown, probably about 1pm.

Apparently there's hippie events in 11 different cities. We unfortunately can only be at one.

Any ladies wanting to ditch the sign waving crowd and join the dick wearers on Saturday should email sparklechick at earthlink.net_no spam.

A date with George 


To celebrate Dubya being in Manhattan at the same time we are, the chicks will make a special Tuesday night appearance in Times Square around 7:30pm. The usual spot, near the recruiting station and the Nasdaq.

Tuesday, Sept 19, 2006. When we get there, or approx. 7:30 pm

21 Missile Dick Salute 


Circumstances lately are making us want to get out on the street, even if we have to mingle with the masses. Find us Saturday April 29th, 2006 during a parade through Manhattan. We'll be drumming up support for a new war in Iran--more democracy, oil, and new markets!

Later Saturday, join us at 7pm for our 2nd Non-Annual 3rd Anniversarial 21 Dick Salute in the Center of the World, Times Square! Look for us near our favorite spot, the recruiting station for our brave military.

3 years=3 times the profits! 


WMD, democracy, oil--Oops! Well there's one sure thing that never changes, no-bid contracts for Halliburton! We'll be out to celebrate our stock dividends twice this weekend:

Saturday March 18th, 2006. 1pm
Times Square
We'll hang out near the recruiting station to make sure those brave young'uns can get in past the smelly protestors.

Sunday March 19th, 2006. 7pm
PS122 at 150 First Avenue, between 9th and 10th Streets in Manhattan.
Reflection, Outrage and Art. (we're infiltrating a lefty event).

Big Easy Money 


Some of us chicks are headed to New Orleans this weekend. We have lots of friends down there. It's a great time to be in the engineering and rebuilding business both in Iraq and New Orleans. KBR, Bechtel, and the Shaw Group are lapping up the contracts! Yeehaw! We'll pop in and see how our investments are doing. Maybe attend a ball or two. See ya in New Orleans from Thursday February 23 until Wednesday March 1, 2006.

Black is White: how to advance ideas to a gullible public 


This Saturday February 11, 2006 the Missile Dick Chicks will participate in a workshop titled "Making Folks Think, When They're Laughing Too Hard to Realize it" with some cheerleaders and clowns.

11:45AM-1:15PM (street action to follow)
The New School
65 Fifth Ave at 13th street
New York

State of the Missile Dick Chicks 


Tuesday January 31st, 2006 the chicks will be in Times Square to drum up support for Dubya's speech to the nation. 8pm.

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