Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democrats in Denver Day 3 

7:30 PM (permalink)
Babs reports:
Here in Denver we've met so many people who have never seen anything like us, even though we've been spreading our message since 2002 already. We had a most interesting encounter with an Iraq war veteran named Brian.

He just returned from Iraq three weeks ago and he was really drawn to our performance. He felt compelled to tell us some hair-raising battle stories, and volunteered to be our extra special forces security detail for the afternoon.

We saw a big parade on Arapahoe & 16th Street put on by Iraq Veterans Against the War-- the best float was the giant truck with the lovely riot police dressed like teenage mutant ninja turtles. We ran into the ninjas again later just outside the Pepsi Center where Joe Biden was speaking.

We performed for a massive formation of hot muscle men with batons--we were practically sandwiched between them and the gaggle of paparazzi snapping our photos. It was very exciting!

When the big show was over and all the delegates streamed out, we tried to buy their influence but they were hard-core Obama supporters and could not be swayed!
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Day of a Thousand Blogs 

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Babs reports:
Everyone in Denver is doing a blog, including us of course, and now there are so many bloggers out there with video cameras. Check us out as filmed by the Chicago Sun Times blogger Mark Bieganski at Starbucks on Tuesday.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Denver Day Two 

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Babs reports:

Yesterday we wowed delegates and passersby outside Samba Room on Larimer & 14th street near the Pepsi Center, where we had a perfect proscenium on the corner. We planned to attend a party for New York Democratic delegates, but something went wrong with our RSVP. Why they didn't want to let us in, we can't imagine, but we didn't really want to hang out with them anyway.

Later we did a gig at the Lida Theater, where a bunch of lefties were hanging out. We tried to inspire them to suppress free speech and hopefully not vote.

We happened upon a techno music rave out on the middle of the sidewalk in front of the Jet Hotel (corporate sponsored of course) and were happy to find some fellow right wingers, although they were disguised as punk rockers. Bubbles told them she loves to blow up the little people that disrespect us, and this couple totally agreed. They called Bubbles their GOP Goddess.

The homeland security were out in full force, thank goodness, and arrested 100 subversives. We were generally loved by the police, as usual.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC first nite 

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Babs reports:

The Missile Dick Chicks were out in downtown Denver last night meeting and greeting delegates. The delegates were very enthusiastic about their candidate, Barack Obama. We asked them for their help in extending the war as long as possible. One man told me he thought the war would be over in just a couple of months after Obama gets it. I told him that would not make us very much money at all. We also spoke with an Iraq war veteran who believes that war is inevitable and we should just deal with it and get on with our lives. Now that is the perfect attitude for Americans!
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Monday, August 25, 2008


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Babs reports:
Denver, Colorado

The Missile Dick Chicks are in Denver all week for the Democratic National Convention. We are celebrating historic stock prices and a stellar economy we achieved in the last 8 years. In order to keep the profits rolling in from our defense and oil stock holdings, we hope to find Democratic candidates sympathetic to our cause--namely continuing the war in Iraq as long as possible (100 years would be great!). We will be bringing fat wallets in the hopes of tempting pliable politicians to stay away from those anti-war voters. If we should encounter any voters we will urge them to realize that a continuation of current Bush policies will be in their best interest. They should better go shopping rather than worrying about the economy and defense matters.

Any further inquiries should be directed to Dolly Daily Bombings, wife of Ed "Buddy" Bombings, oil trillionaire, info at
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