Thursday, September 27, 2007

Everyone's in NYC 

1:13 PM (permalink)
Babs reports:

With both Dubya and that horrible man from Iran in New York during the same week, we had to make our own presence felt! A tour of Times Square was in order. First we entertained Mr. Colbert's audience on the sidewalk to great acclaim.

We met a sweet man nearby who loved us - he abandoned his evil homeland France for the wonder of NYC, but sadly his daughter works for that terrible ACLU! What a horrible thing for a parent to endure.

Next, we visited the folks at the Clinton Initiative Conference at the Sheraton Hotel and performed some songs with no security protection! It seems the whole place was packed with a bunch of bogus business leaders and other do-gooders who are trying to undo all our "iniatives" of the last 7 years!

What a relief it was to see someone who clearly has her priorities in order, this charming driver:

After our glorious march through times square to visit the nasdaq, we stopped by the struggling WBAI's board meeting and offered to purchase it. We can turn it into a Christian radio station! The offer is on the table if they get real desperate.
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