Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Small Hard 

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Babs reports:
Bubbles dictated this report about our Feb. 24th-March 1st, 2006 New Orleans visit from her spa recovery location.

Lula arranged for us to infiltrate at a survivin hippie hide primitive...those heathens are still dancin around. Wait till we turn that place into Disney Universe....I see it now-- Disney, Halliburton, and of corse Clear Channel and Fox. Wow, I will certainly have my husband Dick name a ride after me...THE BUBBLES MISSILE DIVE---freefall straddling a big un.

I sent my slave to check out the condition of our favorite office in Nawlins and she was pleased that no inconveniences were suffered by our fact when Lula, Lucky Martin, and I went up to the 15th floor offices of Halliburton...we found them on vacation enjoying the big party.

We were very relieved that they were having fun but a bit dismayed that they hadn't remembered our appointment.

So the next day we went to the French Quarter and asked everyone if they saw the CEO of Halliburton....he has won a Golden Richard Award for War and Disaster Profiteering, after all. Of course the little people aren't very sharp...they thought Dick was still the CEO of Halliburton. We did meet a lovely gentleman that was responsible for building the hellfire missile (that's the one I was sporting during the RNC). That was exciting!!!

I Bubbles decided to avoid that big stinky mess outside of the French's toxic..I let my personal servant go on a disaster hike with her awful hippie friends.

On Monday, Babs, Lula, and I set off for Gretna with joy in our hearts....we love patriots who uphold the great American value of keeping brown looters off our private property no matter WHAT. We march into the city hall and asked to see Mayor Ronnie Harris, representative of the city. Sadly he had just missed our delagation in his honor. I wrote him a note about the prestigiousness of the Golden Richard along with a list of past dignitaries that have recieved it...

...and I explained that he was getting it for upholding the principle of private property above all other concerns!!! With that, the nice lady Miriam took the Richard and the note and accepted it on the mayors behalf! Oh my....I feel a bit less armed without the Richard....we need a new one immediately.

(ed note: Bubbles had a memory lapse after a subsequent well-deserved drug and drinking binge! Picking up where she left off...

Monday blended into Fat Tuesday in a big blur. We awoke to find a massive human costume parade and got trapped amongst the feathers, face paint, and freaks!

Lula got accosted by an exuberant fellow who seemed to think he knew her.

Here's me (Babs), Lula, and Bubbles in some sort of delirium--out on the streets without our limo or bodyguards or anything. Thankfully this young girl and her friends didn't try to steal any thousand dollar bills from our purses.

When we came across these Mardi Gras Indians, Bubbles tried to re-enact that historical moment where White People traded baubles for what is now known as New York.

Except this time, little do these folks know, we are taking New Orleans for our own playground and profit, and we're not even giving beads or baubles in return!
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