Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dicks Expand Further 

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Babs reports:
The MDC expansion plan continues. The following is a dispatch from Imatool in Boston:

10/29/05 Peacenik Rally Boston Commons

Some of us Boston Blue-Blood Gals got wind of Sparkle Missile-Dick-Chick while vacationing at World Fellowship Center in too-Liberal New Hampshire (surrounded by too many hippies for our taste, but the mountains are so lovely, perfect Condo Development!).

She was so darn cute we just KNEW we had to join her in the fight for Jewels, Justice, and the American Car,
so we invited her to come Tea Party on October 29th with me, Miss Sassy Moneypants, and Mrs YellaRose Ovtexas, alongside the smelly Hippies on Boston Common!

Somehow that pesky Cindy Sheehan was there as well--but Mr Cheiny told us personally that he'll be taking care of her real soon, so we aren't worried.
Everywhere we went people admired us - at one point an entire batallion of Boston Police Officers on Bikes came and parked in front of our tea party meeting point - so handsome and near-military in their deployment!

Sparkle honey, come back any time for more lobster and filet - and this time we'll break out the *good*
china, darling!

- ImATool Ovtha Patriarchy
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Monday, February 06, 2006

State of our Checkbooks 

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Babs reports:

Ladies and gentleman, the state of our checkbooks is grand! Therefore we went out to celebrate and gloat last Tuesday, Jan. 31st, 2006 in Times Square. Also we made sure the path was clear to the recruiting station, so our brave young men and ladies will be able to sign up for the war without having to confront people with peacenik ideals, like Al Sharpton and other communists.
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