Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Judy Miller Fanclub 

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Babs reports:
Normally the chicks like to point out the NY Times as the "liberal" media but at least they had the good sense to put star reporter Judith Miller in charge of WMD stories--which they printed on the front pages. Unfortunately a lot of influential people pay attention to this silly rag, but in this case it certainly helped our cause. Or as Lula put it "...helped fatten my wallet". Without her writing about weapons in Iraq prior to the invasion, the war would have been much more difficult to sell to the American people. Even Rummy and Dick referred to her articles when interviewed on TV. Very clever. So we nominate Ms. Miller for our first annual American Freedom Fighter Award which we surprised her with recently one evening in New York City. Watch the video of our presentation of this award.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Photo Essay: What we did on our Summer Vacation 

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Babs reports:
Bushie wasn't the only one who had a memorable summer in '05. We can barely remember what happened after our last cocktail, so here are some photos to prove we did more than sit by the pool.

For example, shopping. Bubbles gets a makeover at the counter at Macy's...

....and buys red lipstick to match her outfit.

The sales ladies were thrilled to have any customers since a big crowd outside was obscuring the department store entrance.

We thought the crowds outside Macy's were there for a big July 4th sale, but it turns out that "feminists" Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, Code Pink and others were whining about torture or something again. Bubbles, Sparkle, and Babs took the opportunity to sing some songs and educate. We think Gloria Steinem was really listening.

In August, Sparkle stopped in New Hampshire after her annual Kennebunkport visit. Here she is at the World Fellowship Church, planting seeds into young minds and reconnecting with old blue blood friends.

Early September found Bubbles and Babs tooling around Soho in NY in our limos--but traffic due to some sort of silly art event forced us into the streets amongst the unwashed and costumed masses. People were wearing fishnets that weren't even red, white, or blue! Later that evening many of us chicks performed for an eclectic crowd nearby.

Later in September about 8 or 9 of us Chicks piled into a few limos for a good old fashioned American Road Trip. Using plenty of petroleum, naturally. Here's the advance guard at our first stop--the military outpost known as Fort Dix in NJ. There's Candy, Bubbles, Lula, Bushie, Sparkle, Jayne, and Becky.

Inside the visitor's center-- where we were treated extremely kindly, as you'd expect, by our young warriors.

Where would this war be without Lockheed Martin? We just had to stop and thank this fine American corporation.

The whole gang, including both Dubya's (didn't you know there were two? We had him cloned for special events) in front of the most symbolic national treasure--the Washington Monument--apart from our war chests, of course!

Here's Jayne, and Dolly, who we rarely get to see anymore, preparing to bitch slap Cindy Sheehan in Washington DC.

And there's Dubya, boy how he loves to josh around with the press.

Thanks for these two last photos from one of our fans, a Dr. Nino. We love getting photos from our fans! Summer 2005--we'll forever remember with joy.
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