Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Nukes 'n stuff 

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Babs reports:
With all the hullabaloo about nuclear weapons this past May Day, the chicks couldn't just sit by idly letting our manicures dry. We went out to Central Park to remind the hippies that nukes are great for our security! We sang one of our old hits, These Bombs are Made for Dropping. There were tons of Japanese folks there and we were delighted as usual to pose with all the foreigners and other lefties. I'm sure we'll be HUGE in Japan. Here's a photo of Peaches with Central Park as a backdrop.

We can't wait until they outlaw events like this in the park and add a new parking garage, preferably right next to the Delacorte Theater so we don't have to walk across the park and be forced to smell grass and stuff. Anyway, here's Sparkle in the park too, with a peacenik from overseas.

And speaking of Sparkle posing with cute young peaceniks, here's another from Staten Island, May 5th.

VideoLady reports:

"Sparkle and VideoLady barged into that terrible anti-war teach in at the College of Staten Island to remind those commies of a few important things: poor young people are needed as cannon fodder, there is no reason for public education, students must not organize, and it doesn't matter what happens to the environment because all of our friends are either going to be saved or flyin' off to Mars before the earth is destroyed.

Sparkle took a moment to make sure those hippies understand the most important thing of all- that whatever they do they must not have any fun!"
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