Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dicks Expand 

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Babs reports:
Yeehaw! As mentioned in an earlier report we have a Lubbuck, TX chapter of the Missile Dick Chicks. As promised here are some photos of their debut on Texas Tech University campus.

And with Dolly Daily-Bombings (hmm, will she change her name now that Ed Buddy Bombings is out of the picture?) and Halle Barton recently moved to San Francisco...plus Annie Riggins in Chicago, will it be long before the Missile Dick Chicks truly take over the world? Once we do, you can bet we'll make sure the rich keep getting richer and the poor....well they aren't really worth wasting my beautiful mind over.
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Jesus died, Chicks cried 

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Babs reports:
This past Easter Sunday was an emotional day for the Chicks, and not just because Jesus arose on this day. Our very own Dolly Daily-Bombings has lifted off as well, blasting off to the West Coast with her new boyfriend. While the Chicks were very sad to see her go, there were other things to be concerned about, like fashion. We know from our shoppings excursions how great 5th Avenue is, what with Harry Winston, Tiffany, etc. But on this special day the streets are closed to traffic just so people can show off their outfits! We were all set to go, Peaches, Bubbles, Lula and myself, Babs, but then along came our cousins Leaches, Trouble, Beulah, and Crabs...they stole our missiles and turned them into Easter bonnets!! They even took them to Tavern on the Green where they did not win $1000 in the bonnet contest. Apparently, however, missiles really do overpower flowers. See Peaches' photo:

above photo © 2005 Joshua Sills. All rights reserved
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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fun in Europe 

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Babs reports:
Here's a recent dispatch from Candy-Can on holiday in Germany.

You wouldn't believe what happened Sunday two weeks ago. I was sitting in my Black Forest castle, getting bored from all the winter wonderland, when I got a phone call. Surprise, it was Laura! I didn't even know that she and Dubya were in Europe. So she picked me up Tuesday on Airforce One and we had a great week of partying. The fun started right when we landed in Frankfurt airport. They closed the whole airport for over an hour, so that we could speed in our stretch humvee across all the runways. Even the german chancellor had to wait in the air until after we left. Then we drove to that town, I forgot the name, it starts with an m like martini, and there were no people nowhere. We had the whole autobahn and the inner city for ouselves. On demand of our lovely secret service they locked all the people who lived around the castle in their houses. For the whole of Wednesday they were not allowed to leave their houses or even open a window. Children were strip searched by the secret service when they came from school the day before. I love the Germans when they do what we want. The next day we went on to one of those eastern countries we payed to participate in our glorious oil war. We didn't need that much
security there, because everybody loves us for our money. We had a grand old party with hand-picked rich people. I had a couple too many drinks, you know me, but a wonderful time. Before Dubya and Laura left Europe they droped me off at my castle. It was a lovely week.

(White House photo)
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