Tuesday, August 31, 2004


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Babs reports:
Last night, Monday August 30, some of the Missile Dick Chicks hung out at the China Club at a party for the NY Republican Delegates. We didn't stay because we were shocked, just shocked! to find out that many of these so-called Republicans don't even support Dubya! One delegate wasn't even planning on voting for him (not that we need votes, the election's already locked up).

Afterwards, Dolly Dailybombings, Sparkle, Ann Ron, and myself got distracted by the traffic police on the westside near Crobar while we were waiting to rendevouz with Bubbles, Candy, Lula and Halle Burton. These cops were some of the very finest of NY's finest. They clamored for photos with us and begged us for more songs after we sang "Oil". Based on our informal unscientific poll, night shift cops and traffic cops are the friendliest of all. Bouncers love us too. We all went to Crobar on 28th St. between 10th & 11th Ave. for the Texas Delegates Wild West party. Unfortunately our husbands left us high and dry, since a "gentlemen's club" Scores is right next door. It was humiliating having to wait outside on the sidewalk for them, but we met some nice fellow Texans and sang a bunch of songs for them. The club management took pity on our poor souls and brought us some bottled water, the best privitized kind. Here's a photo courtesy mulluysavage.

Today, Tuesday August 31st, Bubbles Bomblovah reports a wonderful day at Central Park, first shaking hands with delegates at Tavern on the Green, then the Central Park Boathouse. Of course a boat ride was in order, the better to see and be seen! Then more pressing the flesh with delegates near the Boathouse.

Later in the afternoon the day got more interesting, shall we say, with mayhem and traffic making it difficult to navigate city streets. Bubbles stole a bicycle from an immigrant delivery person to get around to all the parties more easily. That seemed a good idea, since Halle Burton and Ann Ron got mixed in with some horrible radicals and got detained by mistake. Forget everything nice I wrote about NY finest before. They should know the difference between innocent bystanders, dangerous elements, and the rich & pampered.

By 8pm Bubbles reports the Herald Square area is total police zone. She is beside herself with excitement because there are so many delegates to wave to!
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Monday, August 30, 2004

ooooh, it's finally here! 

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Babs reports:
The Missile Dick Chicks have been busy trying to greet as many of the Republican delegates as possible. On Sunday August 29th some of the delegates were treated to a show during intermission of "42nd Street" outside the Ford Center for the Performing Arts on 43rd St. in Times Square. MDC is very familiar with this area since the group performs there nearly every Thursday night. However this time the NYPD didn't really enjoy the performance so the Chicks gracefully moved on to another party at the Intrepid Museum where more delegates were entertained. Here's a photo, cribbed from DemocraticUnderground, from Bryant Park where we started our morning, taunting the Code Pink "women".

On Monday August 30th MDC visited several hotels to meet & greet delegates as they started their day, starting at the Regency Hotel where Larry King was in attendance.

Later a cycling commuter observed the Missile Dick Chicks singing and dancing outside the Plaza Hotel in front of a group of photographers, police, and maybe a few delegates. They sang "This land is my land, this land is my land...this land was made for me and me" to approving crowds before making their way to the Palace Hotel to sing for the many delegates there waiting to get on buses.

Later the Chicks squeezed in a little time for shopping at Macy's. The MDC feel sorry for the place since many of its normal customers will probably not go near it this week. On the other hand, those loud foul-mouthed protestors seemed really upset at Macy's giant TV screen broadcasting Fox News on Sunday during the hippie parade so maybe that was why the store was so empty.

One never knows where one might run into fellow Republicans, by the way. Bubbles Bomlovah had a wonderful chat with a jogging Pennsylvania delegate in Central Park. This was on the way to an event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That event turned out to be quite boring inside the Museum, so the MDC made their own fun behind the Museum in the park. Read another account at the NY Observer.
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Sunday, August 15, 2004

What is this World Coming to?!!  

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Babs reports:
Folks, I have seen the future and I am very worried!! Last weekend several of the MDC's were in Tallahassee, Florida at a student conference. We thought it was a Young Republicans event but in fact it was just the opposite, a bunch of what we used to call "liberal", now called "progressive" students. A big SNAFU with our booking agent! We'll make sure Karl Rove deals out the appropriate punishment. Anyway, these young people that we came face to face with are determined to change the direction the country is headed. Don't they understand how long it has taken us to get where we are? Finally we have deregulation of business, especially the media; we control the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, and we're well on our way to privatizing everything from prisons to schools to water. These bold, energetic young people would undo everything we've accomplished!

To console ourselves after that unfortunate experience we went to the Tallahassee Mall and also the Governor's Square Mall looking for any material goods that might make us feel better.
After our shopping we were encouraged by our encounter with the lovely security people, who were kind enough to escort us right out to our vehicle.
At both malls the security folks seemed to recognize our importance and wanted to make sure we made it to the parking lot without running into too many common people.

Speaking of security folks, at Jeb's mansion they were so friendly that we decided to treat them with a song. I am quite sure it was the highlight of their day.

There is no place like the South! (photos Randi Cecchine)
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Monday, August 02, 2004

On the road again 

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Babs reports:
This summer the Missile Dick Chicks have been getting around. In addition to the Philadelphia trip on July 4 mentioned below by Annie Riggins, we have been crossing the highways (they aren't freeways, nothing in America is free) to spread our message in person.

Backtracking a little bit, June 5 we cruised up to Washington, DC. Normally we don't have to get involved with any dealings in Washington, but we heard that some hippie protestors would be out in front of Donald Rumsfeld's house to criticize his war performance. As war-loving Republicans we naturally felt it was our duty to defend the man behind the whole operation. We were delighted to see the DC chapter of the Free Republicans, or FReepers, also there to defend Rumsfeld against the evil commies, but for some reason the nice riot police felt the need to stand between us and them. As it turned out, the freepers aren't real patriots like us anyway. Their chants sounded like something you'd hear at a hippie protest; like, "take off your top for peace" and "put a bag over your head for peace!" All this peace talk was very confusing to me until I realized with the bag over your head line they must have been referring to the detainee situation. Then it made sense after all. Here's one report on the event by Al Jazeera. Yes, of course that is liberal propaganda at it's worst, but sadly Fox News didn't cover this event.

On the way home from Washington we stopped at a few rest stops on the highway. We liked performing so much for America's travelers and fast-food workers that we decided to take a trip to nowhere. On July 17th we hit the road again, just visiting rest stops in Pennsylvania, a swing state with 21 delegates still up for grabs. Our first stop was Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. We were delighted to find a McDonald's, and halleluajah! Rumours of the demise of the supersize fries are premature! Supersize lives on in Pennsylvania! Fast food workers in rest stops always seem to really like us, by the way. I don't think they get many visitors like us out in the rural areas.

Our most recent trip was to Boston July 25th to crash the Democrat's party. We wanted to find out if there was any chance of buying John Kerry in the extremely unlikely event that the Diebold voting machines betray us. Anyway, those Democrats are fairly nice people if a little confused. The thing that stands out most about that trip was the brilliant job they did of marginalizing "free" speech (we already know nothing is free in America). If the Republicans are even half as clever in New York with our big party coming up in August, you won't see, hear, or smell those disgusting anarchist protestors.

Boston Commons photo courtesy George Loper
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