Monday, July 05, 2004

Philadelphia patriotism! 

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annie_riggins reports:
Well, today I met Candy, Bubbles, Babs and our Video Lady in lovely Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We went there to bring our message of patriotism to the citizens of that fine city, and also to spread the message at rest stops in the area. The rest of 'em arrived last night with hopes of getting to personally congratulate Hamid Karzai on his winning of the Liberty Medal from Sunoco. Sadly, impromptu visits were frowned upon by the nice men in uniform.

However, we did visit the Liberty Bell and get to hear the Liberty Belles!

Many of the Philadelphians seemed confused about what we were doing at first (many thought we were AGAINST the war! imagine! and others just didn't like our missiles), but we were ultimately successful in carrying our message of patriotic fervor and adoration for our President and his policies (W is for Winnin' Wars!!) to most of 'em.

We had the most lovely visit to a rest stop by Allentown -- the folks behind the counter there loved us so much that they gifted us with free smoothies and water, and then we went outside to drink said smoothies, and had wonderful conversations with folks about how well the war is going and how we're all getting rich, and we sang a little song, which they loved. It truly warms my heart to see all these folks in a swing state ready to vote for George W Bush this fall!

Video Lady got some fantastic footage, and we may have some lovely photos on the site soon of us around town.
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