August 31, 2008
St. Paul, Minnesota

The Missile Dick Chicks will be participating in many festivities for the 2008 Republican National Convention, in St. Paul, Minnesota, where our chosen puppet John McCain will begin the coronation process. The Chicks are a posse of privileged housewives, finance wizards, right wing ideologues, oil barons, media mavens and munitions moguls from Crawford, Texas.

The Chicks will be at the Liberty Parade on Sunday August 31st at 1pm on Nicollet Mall, followed by a concert at 2pm at Loring Park. They will perform their new song "Bomb Iran", written by John McCain, while surfing atop their launch vehicle with a 23-foot shiny silver missile created from a WWII bomber drop tank!

The Chicks will also be the surprise guests Thursday at 11am at the Weisman Museum American Politics SideShow.

In addition to the above gigs, the Missile Dick Chicks will be in and around St. Paul all week doing spontaneous performances for the Republican Delegates. Please contact for more information.

Patriotic Bingo with the Missile Dick Chicks 


When: Wednesday, August 20, 7pm - 10pm
Where: 40C in Manhattan, the address is 40 Ave C between 3rd & 4th Street
What: Fun Raiser for the Missile Dick Chicks World Domination Tour! We will be in Denver for the Democratic National Convention and St. Paul for the Republican National Convention to promote our War Machine! We want to make sure the country understands that we need 8 more years of war, scratch that--Forever War!
How Much: $10 entry gets you a free drink and chance to win prizes! Drink specials from 7pm to 10pm include $5 well drinks and domestic beers, $6 Mojitos, or a special house cocktail for $7. Proceeds help the chicks buy off our politicians, so you don't have to!

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