Big Easy Money 


Some of us chicks are headed to New Orleans this weekend. We have lots of friends down there. It's a great time to be in the engineering and rebuilding business both in Iraq and New Orleans. KBR, Bechtel, and the Shaw Group are lapping up the contracts! Yeehaw! We'll pop in and see how our investments are doing. Maybe attend a ball or two. See ya in New Orleans from Thursday February 23 until Wednesday March 1, 2006.

Black is White: how to advance ideas to a gullible public 


This Saturday February 11, 2006 the Missile Dick Chicks will participate in a workshop titled "Making Folks Think, When They're Laughing Too Hard to Realize it" with some cheerleaders and clowns.

11:45AM-1:15PM (street action to follow)
The New School
65 Fifth Ave at 13th street
New York

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