May Day! May Day! 


Apparently those hippies are out to save the world again. This time it's nukes. What's wrong with a little bunker buster every so often, we ask? We'll be giving them hippies hell, Sunday afternoon in Central Park.

Sunday May 1st, 3:16pm
Heckscher Ballfields in Central Park, near 65th St. or Columbus Circle

Tax Day 


An evening of gloating and singing and dancin' of course. We will be soooooooo beautiful on the grand staircase of the main post office in Manhattan on 8th Ave and 33rd Street, in honor of the little people who are paying our share again, as usual.

Friday April 15th, approx. 6:30pm-until?

Gloating, gloating, gloating 


Chicks wake from celebration-induced slumber long enough to go out and gloat during another hippie parade. This one is timed to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the US invasion and mall-ification of Iraq. Look for us in Central Park.

Saturday March 19, 2005. noon-ish.

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