The parties never end!  


Thursday Aug. 26th the Missile Dick Chicks will be out a little earlier than usual, hopefully just in time to greet the rush hour crowd in Times Square.

Of course all during the RNC we will be busy hopping from one party to the next. Here's hoping all the pharmaceutical companies spring for more expensive champagne and better caviar than what we got at the DNC. If you're looking for the Missile Dick Chicks during the RNC just open your eyes. We'll be everywhere we can find a party with our fellow GOPers. Hopefully we'll do some shopping too with all our friends in town.

On Tuesday Aug. 31st the late night crowd can find us performing at some boat called the Frying Pan. midnight-ish.

Wednesday Sept. 1st is Siberia Bar at 1am-ish. 356 W. 40th St. @ 9th Ave.

Gigs Galore starting Thursday August 19th 


Thursday we'll try for our usual spot in front of the Nasdaq but the lovely men in blue seem to want to hang out there more frequently lately. Other places to catch our act are in the recruiting triangle and ambling around Time Square; approx 7:30pm.

Saturday August 21st MDC performs in the Howl Festival's Way the F*ck off Broadway.
MDC are expect to take the stage around 2:30pm in Thompkin's Square Park in the East Village. Free.

After the Howl Festival we're over to Williamsburg for a big music festival also featuring Vernon Reid. til 8pm. Donation.

Then take your vitamins because later that evening we'll be at the Rubalad party in the Lower East Side, also part of this year's Howl Festival.
107 Suffolk St. Party starts at 10pm; $10. MDC will present our tribute to John Ashcroft "Let the Mighty Eagle Soar".

Monday August 23rd we're still Howlin' with the Warwhorz: GENDER, WAR, & CONSUMERISM.
Generation X Garden, E. 4th St. (Aves B & C). Show begins at 8pm, MDC go on approx. 10pm. Donation.

Tuesday August 24th the Howl Closing Night party and RNC welcome party.
Webster Hall, 125 E. 11th St. $10

8/12, Thursday night at Times Square 


After visiting our lovely friend and ally Jeb Bush in Tallahassee last weekend (we had a splendid party at the governors mansion), the Missile Dick Chicks will be back on Times Square this Thursday. Like always, 7.30 ish at the NASDAQ corner of 43rd & Bdwy.

This Saturday we will be out in Brooklyn at the NEO-CONey Island Block Party. For information go to:
We will be on stage around 2pm. After that you can see us at the Fashion Show.



The Missile Dick Chicks are on the road once again, this time to Tallahassee, Florida, home of the hanging chads! We'll be attending a conference which I believe is comprised of Young Republicans.

And of course we'll be checking out the malls down there to see if there's any good shopping. Dear baby brother Jeb is hosting us. He's so cute, he's next in the White House after Dubya ya know!

So, we're sorry to disappoint our fans, but we will not be out at Times Square this Thursday August 4th. We regret missing our usual Manhattan performance but we'll see you again next week.

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