Monday, August 25, 2008


7:26 PM (permalink)
Babs reports:
Denver, Colorado

The Missile Dick Chicks are in Denver all week for the Democratic National Convention. We are celebrating historic stock prices and a stellar economy we achieved in the last 8 years. In order to keep the profits rolling in from our defense and oil stock holdings, we hope to find Democratic candidates sympathetic to our cause--namely continuing the war in Iraq as long as possible (100 years would be great!). We will be bringing fat wallets in the hopes of tempting pliable politicians to stay away from those anti-war voters. If we should encounter any voters we will urge them to realize that a continuation of current Bush policies will be in their best interest. They should better go shopping rather than worrying about the economy and defense matters.

Any further inquiries should be directed to Dolly Daily Bombings, wife of Ed "Buddy" Bombings, oil trillionaire, info at
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