Saturday, May 10, 2008

World Domination Tour: Leg 1 

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Babs reports:

Submitted from the road by Bubbles Bomlovah-- May 7, 2008

Howdy fans! I know y’all are dying to hear about our World Domination Tour. Candy, Lula, Sparkle , Becky and I, Bubbles arrived in Houston last night, with Video Lady. Dolly and W are still en route with our beautiful “War Machine”.

This morning, we left our host’s home and made our way to Crawford for our Homecoming. And what an exciting trip it was. We stopped in Rosebeck, Texas to get coffee and met some nice little people who were very excited by our patriotism. A patriotic fan gave us a lovely umbrella to protect our missiles from the tornado. Luckily, the tornado waited until we had passed because God loves us . We saw many long horns and woolly cowboys—wheat fields and fresh corn.

We arrived in Crawford just in time to go shoppin’ at the Red Bull souvenir shop where we bought wedding knickknacks, flag o Texas scarves and other commemorative items. W was there and we had our pictures taken with him.
We also talked to our favorite news station- Fox news.

They asked about Jenna and we almost cried, that wild child has grown up.
Our advice for her was that she should just close her eyes and do it for America.
We need more cannon fodder.

Later, we had burgers at Dubya’s favorite general store. They shore make yummy burgers in Crawford. We met a lady who had seen us on youtube and many curious children.

After our brief sojourn, we stopped at that abandoned eyesore, Camp Casey, where the whiners tormented the town and Dubya. My, it was a disgustin mess---discarded peacenik signs and dead troop memorials everywhere. Those silly hippies even grew flowers in the shape of a Mercedes logo. The camp looked like they musta run away in a hurry because obviously they were wrong. How dare they disturb Dubya just because their offspring was killed. Well, we also saw a beautiful t-shirt that said Sin-D Sheehan- where did she come from?
V-Nuts or Uranus.

We then drove to Dubya’s ranch for mint juleps on the porch at sunset! It was wonderful- Laura is such a lovely host even if she is a prude. Becky had to sneak to the bathroom to do a line with Jenna.
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