Saturday, May 10, 2008

World Domination Tour: Leg 1, day 2 

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Babs reports:
Submitted from the road by Sparkle--May 8, 2008

Thursday was a most auspicious day for The Missile Dick Chicks! We paid a visit to the world headquarters of our #1 war profiteering friends, Halliburton, to present their head, Dave Lesar, with a Golden Richard! We were so happy to be welcomed in their lily white lobby, surrounded by pro-global profit propaganda on the in-house TV screens, we had to sing & dance!

After we entertained, the manly security team and the local sheriff saw that we got safely back to our vehicle.

Friday brought more Golden Richard action – a visit to KBR, whose profits have gone through the roof in the last year. Bill Utt, the head, was out to lunch and not able to accept his award, but we videotaped a special routine with the internal cameras to the delight of all the employees. We are thrilled that sidewalks in Houston are safe, clean, and privately owned by our rich friends!
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