Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Missile Dick Chicks 2008 World Domination Tour 

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Babs reports:
Election Year 2008 is going to be a great one!
What does this mean for our nation? The first woman president?
The first black president? Another white guy in the White House?
No, none of those things! It's the
Missile Dick Chicks 2008 World Domination Tour
and we can't do it without y'all's help!
Y'all please watch Sparkle's Appeal on Youtube and send the link to everyone y'all know.

To date, we have raised $4,000 that will take us to our first destination: Houston for the fabulous Art Car Parade on May 10th! This trip also includes a visit to our beloved hometown, Crawford, Texas,
where we will do a special Command Performance for Dubya & The Secret Service!

More destinations on our 2008 Tour: The Democratic & Republican conventions, in Denver & St. Paul, respectively, numerous weekend excursions to rest stops in the Northeast and hopefully a trip to the Swinging State of Ohio!

Projected pricetag? $10,000! (y'all know petroleum is at an all-time high!)
Your donations will fund everything from plane tickets & motel rooms to fishnet stockings & silver spray paint. No amount is too large or too small!

Make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution on the WEB
(artist name: Sparkle, artist group: Missile Dick Chicks).


MAIL a CHECK or MONEY ORDER made out to THE FIELD, earmarked to
The Missile Dick Chicks to:
The Field, 161 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10013

We hope to bring you updates of our Houston leg of the tour here, watch this space!
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