7 May 2008

The Missile Dick Chicks will grace Houston with their presence during a 3-day visit staring today at Halliburton headquarters and culminating in the Orange Show Art Car Parade on Saturday. The Chicks are a posse of privileged housewives, finance wizards, right wing ideologues, oil barons, media mavens and munitions moguls from Crawford, Texas.

The Chicks will present the prestigious Golden Richard Award to two of Houston’s most prolific corporations, Halliburton and Kellogg Brown and Root at Halliburton headquarters locations, today at 3pm at 10200 Bel Aire Blvd., and 5pm at 1401 McKinney Street.

This award celebrates the soaring profits of the “reconstruction” industry. KBR profits have skyrocketed in the last quarter by tripling what they made in the previous quarter, from 28 million last year to $98 million this year.

The Golden Richard has been awarded to many dignitaries including Judith Miller of the NY Times, the mayor of Gretna, La., and one of our favorite profiteers, the Bechtel Corporation.

The Chicks will be debuting their new hit single “Forever War” while surfing atop their brand spankin’ new art car, a launch vehicle with a 23-foot shiny silver missile created from a WWII bomber drop tank! Yeehaw!!!!

Join us as we celebrate!!

Contact: Bubbles Bomlovah 917 209 5049

“Some of the best theater in NY!!!!” -- ABC’s Nightline 4/15/2008

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