Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mingling with the Masses 

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Babs reports:
The following is a recap of events on January 27, 2007 from Vendetta Washington, with photos from Video Lady.

Last weekend we attended a sickening example of the flagrant abuse of the first amendment: a hippie rally in DC. Those unsightly hairy people do not understand that "our rights" were made for the elite, and not the commonfolk. Good thing my staff did not hear these heathens speaking their minds: next thing you know my slave will want the minimum wage increase! She doesn't know other people get "paid" for their work, let alone incentives for lazy complacency. I worked hard to get in Jesus' favor, and so should they!

Sparkle and Bubbles (mysteriously absent in above photo) selflessly preached the Word to the impolite, loud, greasy masses even at the expense of their weekly
mani/pedi/botox 's. Some of them even thought their message of bending over for the Iraqistani's was going to get on TV! Isn't that tragically naive? They won't get a work of news coverage if Bubbles' media mogul husband has anything to do with it!

The National Review Conservative Summit (photo above, Jeb Bush!) nearby was attended by Video Lady, who was miraculously sober enough to videotape the whole thing! The rest of the Chicks were escorted out of the Summit for our own protection at a 3:1 cop-to-chick ratio. It was probably for the best, as it was clearly an event for the menfolk, and we did not want to penetrate like some of the uppity sluts who attended. (Video Lady seen here with our hero Ralph Reed.)

At the rally, I bumped into some scum from my darker days as a lesbian sympathizer. Before my husband went on life support, he courted me briefly with bling and a massive life insurance policy before our shotgun wedding while he was doped up on something powdery i gave him for the occasion. Before he bought me out, I mean married me, I used to come in close contact with the confused queers we saw in DC. Thank goodness for His billions or I might still be gyrating my nipped-and-tucked-to-perfection fanny for the little people. Now I only do it for Dick, Dollars, and Dubya! Don't tell Laura.

And speaking of Dubya, on Saturday he spent the afternoon entertaining the troops with his lasso tricks.
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