Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Judy Miller Fanclub 

3:59 AM (permalink)
Babs reports:
Normally the chicks like to point out the NY Times as the "liberal" media but at least they had the good sense to put star reporter Judith Miller in charge of WMD stories--which they printed on the front pages. Unfortunately a lot of influential people pay attention to this silly rag, but in this case it certainly helped our cause. Or as Lula put it "...helped fatten my wallet". Without her writing about weapons in Iraq prior to the invasion, the war would have been much more difficult to sell to the American people. Even Rummy and Dick referred to her articles when interviewed on TV. Very clever. So we nominate Ms. Miller for our first annual American Freedom Fighter Award which we surprised her with recently one evening in New York City. Watch the video of our presentation of this award.
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