Monday, January 24, 2005

Missile Dick Chicks, the Movie 

11:02 PM (permalink)
Babs reports:
As you might imagine, ladies such as ourselves with very, very rich husbands live a different kind of lifestyle than many common folk. For example, our husbands always want to know exactly what we're doing when they aren't around, so they hired a spy to track our every move. Her name is Jackie but we call her Videolady. She is a former FBI covert agent who follows us around with a video camera all the time and reports back to our husbands. Her work might take her back underground at any moment. As part of her cover she tells people she is making a documentary about us. In fact, she has built a whole parallel life in which she pretends to be a college instructor. She has even gone so far as to edit a trailer for the "documentary" that she says she is making about us, with a big fundraising effort to go with it. I tell you, that Videolady is very clever! Check out the trailer which contains highlights of our Pre-emptive Victory Tour.
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