Saturday, October 23, 2004

New York in October 

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Babs reports:
The Missile Dick Chicks love NYC. Last weekend we got to perform for a bunch of yuppie gentrifiers in a charming neighborhood known as DUMBO in Brooklyn. The occasion was DUMBO Art Under the Bridge. While we didn't find any art expensive enough for our tastes, we did manage to take over a stage erected by a theater group known as One Arm Red, both Saturday and Sunday. Dubya was there too and he played war games with his little soldiers to keep from being bored while we sang and danced. Later we swiped a wacky red convertible from One Arm Red and went for a drive around the neighborhood. That was fun, except they really need to rip out those cobblestones and put up some smooth asphalt.

photos courtesy Randi Cecchine

Sunday we also lent our presence to a well-known playwright from that tiny nation/continent known as Australia. You might have heard of this country since they are a part of Dubya's Coalition of the Willing. They were willing to send about 900 troops to the Gulf to guard Iraq and make it appear as though we have a real coalition. The country also recently re-elected their Prime Minister, John Howard, reaffirming their desire to remain the United State's deputy sheriff in the region. This was important since the opposition party (we don't have those in the US) would have removed the troops and that would have looked bad for Dubya. Therefore it was essential that we meet playwright Steven Sewell and thank him for being Australian. We attended his discussion on Sunday at the NY Society for Ethical Culture and the reading of his play "Myth, Propaganda and Disaster" on Monday night at the Tank, where we also performed.

Last but certainly not least, also on Monday several of the Missile Dick Chicks had the opportunity to speak with Howard Zinn in person and confront him about his anti-imperial writings and teachings. We sang Shop for him, and we think we won him over. We hope to bring you photos of this encounter soon.

Also, good news out of Lubbuck, TX! While we are in New York, we have a new chapter of Chicks holding down the Texas fort! They made their debut on the campus of Texas Tech University on Tuesday. We'll get a photo up as soon as we can.
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