Monday, October 04, 2004

Just can't get enough of touring! 

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Babs reports:
The Missile Dick Chicks kept up the pace with our normal performance in Times Square this past Thursday, and another road trip over the weekend to New Jersey. We started out in Jersey City where we wanted to check up on some real estate developments. Our friends have been holding on to some cheap waterfront property waiting for the right time to sell. The artists that live there have poured their soul into making it a charming place where folks would want to live and so now seems the right time to kick them out and replace their studios with high rise apartments. Maybe there will be room for a Walmart or Home Depot too.

We continued on to Atlantic City, with Dubya in tow. There were some striking workers who apparently want reasonable wages AND health care. Our stance is steadfast, just like the president, healthcare is only for those who can afford it. We don't like it when workers talk to each other and organize either. The Trump Taj management was clearly overwhelmed; they mistook us for "little people" so we had to wait in the Hard Rock Cafe while they sorted out the misunderstanding. Dubya got bored and played war games.

Here we are before we left the Taj Mahal.

Photos courtesy Randi Cecchine

Outside on the boardwalk we were cheered to discover that the Atlantic City Police share our and John Ashcroft's view on free speech-we prefer paid speech.

Tonight we didn't have much luck with our audition outside the John Ashcroft play, most likely because they were worried we'd steal the show. However, we capped off the evening with a mini-parade through the West Village of Manhattan. We decided there was no reason to wait for Halloween, so we walked down the sidewalks waving to everyone, and then we got a ride from our Japanese tycoon friend Tetsu in his white convertible. We rode all through the village sitting on the back of the convertible waving and smiling and telling passersby, "W stands for War!" They waved back to us. Later the police gave us an escort around Thompkins Square Park. It was the perfect end to the evening.
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