Saturday, September 04, 2004

Thank you New York!  

1:49 PM (permalink)
Babs reports:
The Missile Dick Chicks would like to thank New Yorkers for being so accomodating while were here. We understand that many citizens left town in order to make more room for us. We love these jaded types who can't be bothered to get involved in politics. Their lack of interest allows us Republicans to get our policies across so much more easily. Also, I saw a sight that New Yorkers staying indoors would never see, 2 waiters walking down the center of an empty 7th Ave towards the Madison Square Garden security ring, holding trays of hors d'ourves. Another one of those only in New York moments.

Here's a photo, courtesy B G Johnson while we were taunting the Bush protestors outside the Garden during his speech.

After that we went to a pub to catch the end of the speech, but the bartender refused to play the sound and eventually switched it to sports. Again, we think that it is highly appropriate for the clientele of this type of bar to watch sports rather than learning more about our political leaders. If they learned too much they might go outside and join those silly protestors.

Then it was off to Herald Square to crash the Next Generation of Leaders party at Gotham Hall, honoring the Bush twins and Emily Pataki, among others. Outside the bar Candy bonded with a lady delegate who was dressed almost exactly like us. She totally agreed with us that killing for profit is a great way to make money.

By the way, I'd like to give special props to Chris Matthew's Hard Ball of MSNBC for causing the largest possible traffic disruption in Manhattan at Herald Square. What a great way to inconvience those poor working slobs who couldn't afford to get out of town.
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