Sunday, September 19, 2004

Pre-emptive Victory Tour Day ?? Sept 18th-19th 

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Babs reports:
Being on tour, one starts to lose track of time, therefore I don't know what day it is. But if we're in Asheville, NC it must be Sunday. Yesterday after we left Lexington, KY we got on the road again to go to North Carolina. Unfortunately we haven't got the hurricane control gizmo perfected yet. The storm mostly does effect the really poor people, which is good, but this time Hurricane Ivan also took out the highway we needed to use to drive to Asheville so we had to take the long way to get there. Although it was a long drive, the chicks arrived in time for an active Saturday night in downtown Asheville. We invaded the pub Jack of the Wood and sang "Show Us", "Shop", and "Lyin'" (with power pyramid finale). We spent a lot of time downtown singing and talking to everyone. Our local host was the famous guru Virato, a new age businessman. We wanted to consult with him about futures in precious crystals and petroleum-based yogur mats. After our evening performances we hung out in his beautiful mansion in the mountains with his lovely wife the Czarina Cisco-Ciscee.

Today, Babs (that's me) rejoined the tour from the big wedding. Also we had the Czarina joining us for the day. We were all over downtown again trying to convert all the local hippies. We performed at Pack Square by the obelisk, Pritchard Park, Smoky Joe's on Broadway, and Rosetta's vegetarian restaurant on Lexington Avenue. In the light of day it became more and more obvious that we had our work cut out for us. There were hippies and crystals everywhere you looked. The restaurants even had vegetable food instead of just barbecue. Many restaurants had outdoor dining spaces where the patrons enjoyed our songs, even if they weren't in favor of war like us. We went most of the day without meeting any fellow Republicans until the very end when we finally met 2 ladies who love Bush as much as us. We were so outnumbered by the hippies that we figured they might try to convert us if we stayed any longer. We took a final stab at converting the hippies at the Earth Fare health food store, but thankfully the store manager is not in favor of free speech (neither are we) so we had to take our message outside to the parking lot. As Candy says, "It's good to know the hippie companies have the same rules and regulations as our normal fascist American corporations: no free speech on commercial private property (in case anyone would get offended). Virato reports, "The Czarina was so elated by your visit that after you left she bought some more stock in Wal-Mart and Texaco. Asheville says Bravo to your visit!"
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