Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Pre-emptive Victory Tour Day 9: Washington DC Sept 21st-22nd 

11:50 PM (permalink)
bubbles bomlovah reports:

The Missile Dick Chicks arrive in DC from Charlottesville in time for a beautiful sunset power pyramid in front of the nation's foremost and the MDC's favorite obelisk.

Paying homage to the nation's true seat of power, the Supreme Court of the USA. Thanks Justice Scalia! We couldn't have arranged election 2000 without your help.

We held a patriotic picnic in front of the monument and invited passersby to join us for red and blue jello with white cool whip and cherry pie. A group of clean-cut, shiny, coifed upwardly mobile youngsters came over to pose for photos, and one of them confessed they work for George! How exciting!

Double W's with Bubbles and Dolly.

The Missile Dick Chicks thank all the angels who helped make this tour possible, you know who you are! USA rules!!! (literally).
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