Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Pre-emptive Victory Tour Day 8: Charlottesville, VA Sept. 21th 

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bubbles bomlovah reports:
This morning the Missile Dick Chicks awoke in Charlottesville after a beautiful night's rest in a luxurious hotel suite. The previous day both the Principessa and Peaches left the tour to check on their investments. Around lunchtime today we walked on to the lovely campus at University of Virginia.
They have lots of green lawn and hysterical sites. We think it would be better if they got rid of the older hysterical sites and put up some more parking lots. We sang several songs for a bunch of students while they were changing classes; then a nice young lady asked if we could perform for her women's studies class. They were having class outside. We sang them a few songs and talked for a little while about Laura Bush, being a lady instead of a woman, and finding a rich man to take care of them.
The student newspaper Daily Cavalier covered our visit.

Behind us in the amphitheater there were some ROTC trainees practicing the changing of the guard. Each group did their paces for an hour, and the whole thing lasts 24 hours. Bubbles says, "Their choreography was very complex, well-timed, rigorous, and perfectly punctuated. I want the Missile Dick Chicks to pay careful attention to them to improve our dance techniques."

While in Charlottesville we stopped at the mall downtown. It seems like it is also sort of a hysterical site and it's a very un-American mall because there's no roof or air-conditioning so the sun comes right through. We walked through the brick alleys singing and met some great folks, including the Queen of the Red Hats. Sarah with the jewelry store called the local NBC affiliate and they came out and videotaped us singing "Shop". There was also a guy hanging around named Michael Meyers, he said we should keep doing what we're doing, that it's worth it even if we only change one person's vote.
None of the chicks paid for our lunch that day.

This report was brought to you by Babs, posted by Bubbles
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