Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Pre-emptive Victory Tour Day 7: Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Sept. 20th 

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Babs reports:
Last night the Missile Dick Chicks drove from Asheville to Durham. The most interesting thing about the trip was a stop about halfway there. We met a man in the parking lot of the convenience store who lived behind the store in a tent. He shared his 12-pack of beer with us. He said he lives in a tent because he wants to. Once in Durham we hooked up with our new branding agent Luke in his tree-lined manor.

Today we went to downtown Raleigh and discovered by coincidence that Sen. John Edwards, (D) North Carolina/VP wannabe was addressing a group of Teamsters. Of course we wanted to go in and try to find out how much it would cost to buy some influence in Washington in the unlikely event that the Democrats win the election in November. We doubt it's possible but we'd like to have some insurance just in case. Anyway, we never did get inside to talk to John Edwards but there were tons of photographers there that appreciated our beauty and we met some other Democrats. That party has a long way to go before they can be as good at war profiteering as the Republicans, especially the current regime that's helping us so much. A man named Mark drove us in his convertible like Homecoming Queens to the NC GOP Headquarters.
Once again we were not able to get any campaign buttons just like in the Ohio GOP HQ. This time we went inside the building and spoke to a lady who seemed to like us until she saw our Patriot Missiles. By that time her boss was there and he asked us to leave, much more nicely than those Ohio ones did.
Mark escorted us to Chapel Hill, the home of the University of NC. We performed in "the pit" by the dining hall and met a bunch of cool people. By far the most memorable interaction was one between a former marine, Calleb, who had served recently in Iraq, and a poly-sci know-it-all, along with a Christian know-it-all. As Dolly recounts it, every time Calleb tried to discuss his experiences in Iraq trying to save the dying soldiers and Iraqi kids all around him, the know-it-alls would talk over him with their comparable experience of reading about war, and hearing about it 2nd-hand. The know-it-alls were an inspiration to Dolly because they refused to listen to the marine who has now become a peacenik. Dolly says, "Just like W, they were steadfast and resolute. We need these type of people to take over for the next generation of war leaders who have never gone to war."
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