Thursday, September 16, 2004

Pre-emptive Victory Tour Day 1: Cleveland, OH Tuesday Sept 14-Sept 15 

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Babs reports:
Bubbles, Candy, Dolly, Sparkle and myself, Babs, pulled into Cleveland just in time for the Indians baseball game. The baseball park is located in a lovely downtown neighborhood. We sang for the baseball fans arriving to the game. After the game started we walked around the warehouse district greeting the diners in the outdoor cafes. It's a very friendly town, but we met quite a few people who are NOT going to vote for W, including one police officer I talked to. We ate dinner at a lovely establishment named for Alice Cooper called Coopertown. One of the regular patrons is a writer who is responsible for the book about that unpatriotic traitor John Kerry, called "Unfit for Command". We met him and spoke with him briefly. Many of the patrons were familiar with him and his book. I spoke with a lady who believed every word of the book without question. I told her she shouldn't believe what she reads, because no one can prove John Kerry even went to Vietnam in the first place. I think he faked the whole damn thing, not just the medals. I mean, why would a rich person go to war if they can avoid it? He must have faked it! We also met some UAW workers; they weren't really Kerry fans either, but they refused to give their support to W. I guess they were communists, visiting for a union meeting all the way from St. Louis. Another Cleveland visitor beside the union folks and the Missile Dick Chicks was Laura Bush. She didn't go to the game like us, but she spoke for a community college. Although she says W is for Women, we think that W is for War, of course. We don't believe in colleges either, but we understand that Laura has to put on a show because of the election.

Today we hooked up with our documentrix Jackie Video Lady upon her arrival from Toronto. Our husbands hired her to spy on us all the time with the video camera. It was a beautiful day in downtown Cleveland and we walked all around talking to the folks on their lunch break. We went inside the giant Tower Center to get our lunch, but the policeman there said we had "questionable attire" and wanted us to leave. We left after we got our lunch from the food court, but not before several more police officers inquired about our plans. They were so concerned about us that they walked us right out to the front door. Near the fountains outside we sang for more people.

Next we visited the Museum for the USS Cod submarine and posed next to the torpedo with our missiles.

We also visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. There was a special exhibit honoring Mary Wilson of the Supremes, so in her honor we sang "Shop in the Name of War". But we think Diana Ross is more supreme, because she's more of a diva like us. As we were leaving the Hall of Fame area we met a man selling drinks. He liked us so he gave us all free water. Then he told us that his son is a marine going off to Iraq very soon. We told him to thank his son for sacrificing himself for the greater cause of corporate profits.

All in all, Cleveland has been lovely but there's not as many undecided voters as we thought there would be.
ladies, i ADORE that photo of y'all in front of that missile!!! all we need to do is give it more patriotic colors....

thanks so much for spreading the word through them swingin' states! we out in the wastelands of chicago (it's so hard for those of us who love KBR in such a liberal town!) salute you!

kisses, annie and owen riggins (well, no kisses from owen, 'cause he's a manly man like dicky.)
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