Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It's Hummer Time 

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Babs reports:
Early yesterday evening, Tuesday August 31st, Becky "Boom-boom" Bushwacker tried to greet some Texas delegates at BB Kings, but ended up conducting an interview with a cable news network. She left immediately when she realized it wasn't Fox News, but rather some "hip hop" show.

Later about 7 of us gals performed for some rather unconventional types at a lovely spot on Pier 63 known as the Frying Pan. The audience there was very gracious. Then even later Bubbles, Candy and I cruised around the city at high speeds in our matching hummers. Most of midtown Manhattan has special lanes just for us to drive in, which is great if you are one of the rich & privledged like we are. We followed the marquee lights to Spirit nightclub in Chelsea where the red carpet was out and photographers in abundance. Although the party was sponsored by General Motors it turns out it wasn't even a Republican event. Our first giveaway was the appearance of Mike Farrell, a known lefty. We posed on the red carpet anyway for the Creative Coalition photographers. Then we sang a little bit for the folks outside the party at Tunnel for Congressman John Boehner. It was rather dull, sadly, and it seems the delegates were calling it an early night. I guess they are saving their strength for the next 2 big nights.

Today, Sept. 1st, Tavern on the Green hosted 2 parties, 1 for the Florida delegates and the other for the pro-life gang. Pro-choice hippies came out with signs but the Missile Dick Chicks avoided them and hoped to meet up with Phylis Schlaffly and Ann Coulter. MDC sang our song "Show Us" for the photographers and then "Shop" for the radio station Air America. Then it was back to the boat house for a Dennis Hastert party. Unfortunately boat rides are no longer available. We tried to have lunch there but we were overdressed and the manager didn't want to make his other clients jealous of our wealth so we were not allowed inside.

Later near the library we caused a traffic accident with our striking beauty. (photo courtesy Chris London of
Unfortunately the driver of one of the vehicles was not in a Humvee but a tiny little car. We hope he'll be okay. We were headed to the Bryant Park Grill for a party there. Read more about it in New York Magazine. We were so happy to hear that the park is actually not open to the public, contrary to public perception, which we think is great. Keep the riffraff out, whenever you want!
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