Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dubya Day 

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Babs reports:
Last night, Wednesday Sept 1st, the Missile Dick Chicks started our evening in Times Square waving to all the delegates as they drove past in buses after the convention got out. Some strange group in matching jogging outfits ran around and around the block yelling and passing out stickers which said Run against Bush I was surprised because I thought only California people still jogged. We told 'em to hit the showers.

Bubbles, Candy, and I sped over to the Copacabana and sang our trademark song "Show me" to the party-goers waiting in line to get into the club. Almost all the cops there appreciated our performance. There we also met three lovely gentlemen from the NYPD who appear to have been assigned to protect us all week! Manhattan is really a small town, by the way. I'd say we're nearly on a first-name basis with many of 'em.

We capped off the night at Siberia Bar with some rowdy rock-n-roll types. (photo courtesy mulluysavage)
Reminded me of the good old party days with Dubya! I sure miss those alcohol soaked debaucherous times in the 70's...oh wait, that was last night.

Today, Thursday Sept 2nd, is the day our commander addresses the nation. To honor him, all the city's fountains were dyed red, white, and blue. Unfortunately you couldn't really see the the blue or white so the effect wasn't quite right.

Oh, and I nearly forgot! We went to Macy's again, this time stock up on our favorite "Nancy Reagan Red" lipstick, Channel #22. Macy's is so thankful to have good customers like us!
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