Tuesday, August 31, 2004


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Babs reports:
Last night, Monday August 30, some of the Missile Dick Chicks hung out at the China Club at a party for the NY Republican Delegates. We didn't stay because we were shocked, just shocked! to find out that many of these so-called Republicans don't even support Dubya! One delegate wasn't even planning on voting for him (not that we need votes, the election's already locked up).

Afterwards, Dolly Dailybombings, Sparkle, Ann Ron, and myself got distracted by the traffic police on the westside near Crobar while we were waiting to rendevouz with Bubbles, Candy, Lula and Halle Burton. These cops were some of the very finest of NY's finest. They clamored for photos with us and begged us for more songs after we sang "Oil". Based on our informal unscientific poll, night shift cops and traffic cops are the friendliest of all. Bouncers love us too. We all went to Crobar on 28th St. between 10th & 11th Ave. for the Texas Delegates Wild West party. Unfortunately our husbands left us high and dry, since a "gentlemen's club" Scores is right next door. It was humiliating having to wait outside on the sidewalk for them, but we met some nice fellow Texans and sang a bunch of songs for them. The club management took pity on our poor souls and brought us some bottled water, the best privitized kind. Here's a photo courtesy mulluysavage.

Today, Tuesday August 31st, Bubbles Bomblovah reports a wonderful day at Central Park, first shaking hands with delegates at Tavern on the Green, then the Central Park Boathouse. Of course a boat ride was in order, the better to see and be seen! Then more pressing the flesh with delegates near the Boathouse.

Later in the afternoon the day got more interesting, shall we say, with mayhem and traffic making it difficult to navigate city streets. Bubbles stole a bicycle from an immigrant delivery person to get around to all the parties more easily. That seemed a good idea, since Halle Burton and Ann Ron got mixed in with some horrible radicals and got detained by mistake. Forget everything nice I wrote about NY finest before. They should know the difference between innocent bystanders, dangerous elements, and the rich & pampered.

By 8pm Bubbles reports the Herald Square area is total police zone. She is beside herself with excitement because there are so many delegates to wave to!
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