Monday, August 30, 2004

ooooh, it's finally here! 

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Babs reports:
The Missile Dick Chicks have been busy trying to greet as many of the Republican delegates as possible. On Sunday August 29th some of the delegates were treated to a show during intermission of "42nd Street" outside the Ford Center for the Performing Arts on 43rd St. in Times Square. MDC is very familiar with this area since the group performs there nearly every Thursday night. However this time the NYPD didn't really enjoy the performance so the Chicks gracefully moved on to another party at the Intrepid Museum where more delegates were entertained. Here's a photo, cribbed from DemocraticUnderground, from Bryant Park where we started our morning, taunting the Code Pink "women".

On Monday August 30th MDC visited several hotels to meet & greet delegates as they started their day, starting at the Regency Hotel where Larry King was in attendance.

Later a cycling commuter observed the Missile Dick Chicks singing and dancing outside the Plaza Hotel in front of a group of photographers, police, and maybe a few delegates. They sang "This land is my land, this land is my land...this land was made for me and me" to approving crowds before making their way to the Palace Hotel to sing for the many delegates there waiting to get on buses.

Later the Chicks squeezed in a little time for shopping at Macy's. The MDC feel sorry for the place since many of its normal customers will probably not go near it this week. On the other hand, those loud foul-mouthed protestors seemed really upset at Macy's giant TV screen broadcasting Fox News on Sunday during the hippie parade so maybe that was why the store was so empty.

One never knows where one might run into fellow Republicans, by the way. Bubbles Bomlovah had a wonderful chat with a jogging Pennsylvania delegate in Central Park. This was on the way to an event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That event turned out to be quite boring inside the Museum, so the MDC made their own fun behind the Museum in the park. Read another account at the NY Observer.
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