Saturday, June 19, 2004

To our many fans, 

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mrs. ivana lott-moore reports:
I just want to say thank you to the little people, or as they say "en espagnol" - los perquenos personas - (Jeb taught me that!)
My husband, Mr. Moore and I so appreciate you perquenos personas paying
your taxes on time this year! I got a rebate of over $98,000.00 dollars thanks to GW's tax vision for America. I won't mention my hubbie's rebate amount because he is such an extremely private man! The benefits will trickle down to you sometime soon, I just know it! He suprised me two days after our rebate arrived by buying me a custom pink Hummer! Imagine that, apparently if you have enough money you can get anything (or anyone he, he) you want made custom order! I'll drive it on Sunday's to church! And send my blue one in for detailing! OH! Gracias los perquenos personas at the detailing shop!

The best part is that we can deduct about 80% of the cost of the pink Hummer, as I use it to carry my trunk show essentails around for my little design business. It's a 'truck' under tax law. Isn't that fantastic! Yes, it's a complete flop my business, but I get to fly all over the world for free (fabric buying HA, HA) and drive colorful vehicles that match my outfits!

I'm a Gemini- so keeping vehicles matching my mercurial moods is a full time job. Luckily Eduardo, another lovely perqueno persona - my chauffer AND my vehicle buyer- among other things (wink, wink - he's not that perqueno!) I can't help myself - those mini coopers are just like candy! So sad they only come in about 8 colors!

Well, remember Ladies and fellow Americans - you can never be to rich, too thin or own too many combustion engine vehicles!

Shop til you drop!

Mrs. Ivana Lott-Moore

ivanna -- can you get someone special to give us a lovely tax rebate gift of a red-white-and-blue hummer? that would be (to quote arnie in california) FANTASTIC!!
Annie-- Isn't somebody's third or fourth husband a tax Lawyer for Arthur Anderson? Didn't I hear that somewhere?
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