Saturday, June 19, 2004

So much confusion out there... 

10:28 PM (permalink)
mrs. ivana lott-moore reports:
Well it seems the whole world's abuzz tonight!

Local activist Ben Shepard, editor of the anthology From act up to the WTO, recently published a call for a "post-camp activist moment": "If we are going to suggest that another world is possible," he wrote, "we'd better be able to suggest that this world is more than simply ridiculous." It's not hard to imagine that flag-waving Republicans will look high-minded compared with, say, the Missile Dick Chicks, who wear leotards and tin-foil phalluses and sing songs like "Shop! in the Name of War."

The Republicans are very HIGH minded and don't you forget it!

PS - They are not 'tin-foil' they are pure PATRIOT missiles.

(Sisters - I think the plan is working - we have these guys talking about getting into some khaki!)
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