Saturday, June 19, 2004

Not just for men anymore! 

9:17 PM (permalink)
mrs. ivana lott-moore reports:
In reply to "Andrew" If that is your real name.

We firmly believe women can be big dicks too!!!
Talk Softly, (how else do you walk in Manolos?) And carry a big dick!

Power certainly is an aphrosediac! Somethin' had to be workin for good old
Henry Kissinger, bless his big dick swinin' little heart!

Paris and Nicki just helicoptered over to see the Butter Eatin' Contest!

A little secret? They learned how much fun it is slummin it with Los Perquenoes Persona from W - it took a long time for him to work that Connecticut crick out his jaw though and talk like the rest of us Texans (fake and real)! But now W has that "common touch" and "down home feel"
He is bi-lingual too - You know he named his oil company ARBUSTO? That's means BUSH "en espagnole" Isn't that the cutest thing you ever heard?

Now if we could get Cheney to un-clench we'd be on top of the world!

Oh wait, We are!!!
Hot Damn, it's great to be rich, white and American!

Paris is getting bitchy! Bye!

PS Girls - those Manolos really aren't good for more than one wearin'
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