Saturday, June 19, 2004

MDC Responds to Guerrilla News Network's "Anthony" 

7:55 PM (permalink)
Babs reports:
Allow me to respond to semi-recent comments regarding us Ladies.

"...Take the Missile Dick Chicks - their pornographic appendages do, of course, make a valid point - in many ways it does come down to men and their dicks. But is that really the best technique to get your point across? Is it even original? I saw the same cocks back in the No Nukes days in the 80s.

Am I getting too old? Or has the age of the giant paper mache puppet come and gone? A bunch of black-clad anarchists or leotard-wearing, postmodern clowns is what they're expecting. Wouldn't the most guerrilla move be to show up wearing khakis, so when the Homeland Security shock troops start getting rough, the rest of the country will see people who look like themselves getting their heads cracked?"

We Missile Dick Chicks are looking forward to the khaki-wearing march that Anthony is planning. Of course red, white, and blue is much more colorful and patriotic, but if you want to welcome the Repubicans in Gap khakis that sounds great to us! In fact, the more khaki, the better (especially if made in a Honduran sweatshop..we'll get even richer that way). What better vision of the world can we create than everyone in khaki!? Most likely the Republicans will be inspired to join you in the khaki parade during the RNC in NYC, then no one will be able to detect a hint of protest. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Almost like a normal day in Crawford, Texas!
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